Chocolate Protein Waffles

As you can probably tell if you follow my Instagram account (eat.and.repeat), I eat pancakes or waffles almost every day for breakfast.  I just LOVE them! Anyways, today I decided to make myself some chocolate protein pancakes after my morning run.  I used my usual waffle recipe and just added some cocoa powder to give them the chocolate flavor.  Then I decided to top it with some sugar free pancake syrup, greek yogurt for extra protein and some marshmallow fluff because number one its yummy and number two I needed more carbs.  Hope you guys enjoy this recipe!

Chocolate protein waffles:
Yield: 1.5 waffles​

1 scoop (39g) chocolate whey protein
1 serving (54g) Hungry Jack pancake mix
46g liquid egg whites
1 ts baking powder
1 tb (5g) unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tb water (I didn’t actually measure this, I just added some until the consistency seemed correct)
2 tb greek yogurt ​​​​​​​​​

Mix all ingredients together and pour into waffle iron. Top with whatever ingredients your heart desires and eat 🙂

Just the waffle: ​​418 calories, 50C/ 4F/ 43P


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