The Go-To Protein Pancake Recipe

I eat pancakes about 5 times a week. No joke. Pancakes are life. With that said, it only makes sense that I share my protein pancake recipe with you guys! This is the recipe I always start with and sometimes alter if I want to make something different like pumpkin pancakes or chocolate ones.  This exact recipe also works for waffles :).

Yield: 6-10 mini pancakes


  • 1/3 cp (40g) bisquick (any pancake mix should work)
  • one egg white (46g)
  • 1 scoop (40g) whey protein (I like to reserve some of the chocolate whey and pour it on top as a sauce)
  • 1 ts baking powder
  • 2 tb greek yogurt
  • water til consistency

Macros: 358 calories  36.5C/6F/39.8P


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