What are PROATS??

Hope ya’ll are having an awesome day! I know many of you are familiar with proats but many people have been asking me what exactly they are on Instagram.  Basically proats= protein + oatmeal.  There are several ways to add protein to oatmeal (adding egg whites, mixing in cottage cheese, etc) but I usually prefer to add whey protein powder.  The reason I choose whey instead of egg whites or something else is because I usually have chocolate whey protein on hand and love the flavor it adds to plain oatmeal :).  Normally I will mix half of the whey into the oatmeal and the other half I will mix with water and pour on top as a chocolate sauce.

To start off I begin with plain old fashioned oats and make them in the microwave with water.  You can probably make them on the stove but I am just impatient and lazy so I always do stuff in the microwave. After that I mix in the whey and whatever toppings I want that day! I usually add 1/2 cup of greek yogurt on top too or cottage cheese.


  • Chocolate oats: For this I use chocolate whey, unsweetened cocoa powder, a packet of Splenda and peanut butter.
  • Pumpkin oats: vanilla whey protein, pumpkin pure, Splenda, cinnamon.
  • Maple oats: vanilla whey, sugar free maple pancake syrup, cinnamon, Splenda.

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