Peanutbutter Reviews!

Happy Friday guys! This is my first product review but I have been trying so many new foods lately, I figured it was worth posting about.  Today’s topic is peanutbutter.  Am I the only one who has noticed the PLETHORA of peanutbutter brands all over Instagram and in the grocery store?? Makes me want to try them all.  Today I am going to give you guys my thoughts on Nutsnmore, Pb2, Peanutbutter & Co., and Buff Bake.

First up! Nutsnmore. 

For those of you who don’t know, Nutsnmore brand provides both regular peanutbutter and high protein peanutbutter in a BAJILLION different flavors! I have tried the original high protein, white chocolate high protein, chocolate high protein, toffee high protein and pumpkin spice high protein flavors.  All of which were GREAT!

Flavor:  As stated before, this brand provides a wide variety of different flavors.  I will note that the chocolate flavor is not extremely chocolatey (if you want something super chocolatey you are better off with Pb2 or Dark Chocolate Dreams which I will discuss later in this post).  This pumpkin flavor that I currently have is on point! Not overwhelmingly pumpkin-y but still delicious with nice spice undertones.

Texture: Super creamy and smooth.  The consistency of this peanutbutter is quite different than your regular Jif or Skippy brand peanut butter.  Basically if you stick your spoon in it and pull it out the pb will drip off the spoon rather than scoop out (as seen in the picture below). Sooo this means it is great for drizzling on top of things such as pancakes! Also easy to dip into.


Where to buy: I have seen this sold at GNC and online on their website and on amazon.  Their prices range from $9-15 per jar. I would def check amazon because they usually have 3-pack deals!

Macros: They vary slightly by flavor but here are the macros for the pumpkin spice high protein peanut butter one (because that is currently what is in my pantry).  2 tablespoons= 182 calories, 10g fat, 11 carbs, 12 protein.

Dark Chocolate Dreams

Alright guys, this one comes from the brand Peanutbutter & Co.  Unlike Nutsnmore, it does not come in high protein varieties.  This brand also has a wide variety of different flavors including dark chocolate dreams, white chocolate wonderful, honey, oatmeal raisin. maple, a spicy one that I don’t know the name of and a crunchy one. I have only tried the dark chocolate dreams one and I LOVEEEE IT! 12120105_10154550596032195_4915066843466480485_o

Flavor:  Tastes exactly as the name implies, like a dream of dark chocolate fudgy goodness.  If you want a deep, rich, dark chocolatey flavor look no further!!

Texture:  This one has the texture of normal peanut butter (unlike nutsnmore).  I like to heat mine up in the microwave to make it easier to pour on top of my pancakes.

Where to buy: I have seen it sold at a variety of stores including Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter and online.  I have found it cheapest at Walmart for around $3.

Macros for this flavor: 170 cals, 13g fat, 12g carbs, 6g protein.

Buff Bake White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Like Nutsnmore brand, Buff Bake also has a variety of peanut butter and high protein peanut butter flavors.  They also have almond butter and high protein almond butter. I only tried the white chocolate high protein flavor and it is awesome!! Next on my list is to try their red velvet flavor 🙂

12240385_10154550599042195_3574095141596726286_o 12194556_10154550601417195_1046583628745983777_o

Flavor:  This flavor tastes like peanut butter and white chocolate had a baby. I personally think that it tastes slightly more white chocolatey than Nutsnmore’s white chocolate pb flavor.

Texture:  The texture is similar to that of nutsnmore but slightly more firm.   With that said, you can still stick your spoon in it and easily drip it on top of things. Also, there are chia and flax seeds in it! Not sure if it is in all the flavors but it is in this white chocolate one. But don’t worry, they do not greatly interfere with the texture!

Where to buy:  Not positive but pretty sure that it is only sold online on their website and on amazon.  It costs $10.99/jar.

Macros for white chocolate flavor: 200 calories, 14g fat, 8g carb, 11g protein

PB2 chocolate flavor

Pb2 is different from all the other peanutbutters because this one is a powdered pb!! Basically you mix the powder with water until desired consistency (which is great because you can decide if you want really thick peanutbutter or thinner for pouring on top of things). Also this peanutbutter is significantly lower in calories (45 cals per serving).  It comes in chocolate and original peanutbutter flavors. Also, since it is a powder you can easily mix it into greek yogurt if you want for a pb flavor!

Flavor:  SUPER CHOCOLATEY. More of a milk cocoa flavor rather than a dark chocolate though, so depends what you are looking for.  But I could literally drown myself in this and be happy.

Texture:  Texture varies based on how much water you add.  Works well both in the thicker and thinner forms!

Where to buy:  I have seen it sold at target, online on amazon and GNC.  It costs $4.99 at target.

Macros: 45 calories, 1g fat, 6g carbs, 4g protein


All of these peanutbutters are great! Just depends on what type of macros you are looking for :).  With that said, go on and conquer the peanutbutter world with all of your new found knowledge!!


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