Fear Foods and Eating a Pint of Icecream per Night

Hi friends! A lot of people have been commenting on Instagram wondering how I eat the foods I do, how I eat a pint of ice cream per night, etc so I thought it would be helpful to write about conquering fear foods and how you can fit a pint of ice cream into your daily intake!

Let me begin by saying that I have not always eaten the way that I do now and honestly never even thought that eating this way was possible without gaining weight.  I struggled with disordered eating for about 6 years and told myself so many ridiculous things related to food that were not true, yet I believed they were true for my own body.  “You can’t eat carbs during the day because you will get fat”, “you can’t eat after 7pm because you will wake up bloated”, “you can’t eat pizza because it will make your stomach bloat and you will gain 5 pounds”…LIES LIES LIES.   Food is fuel!! Your body needs food to grow and recover and function!! It took me years to finally believe this message and believe that it was true for myself.  I am not perfect, I still get anxious when I am pushed out of my comfort zone, I still wake up some days bloated and not loving my body but I have gotten better at telling myself that all of that is okay.  No one wakes up flawless every single morning and its okay!! Your body is strong and beautiful whether you wake up with abs or not.


We all have them.  Those foods that everyone seems to effortless eat without getting fat but you tell yourself that if you eat it you will balloon and gain ten pounds.  Conquering your fear foods is EXTREMELY stressful but soo worth it. You will feel so liberated, free and in control of your happiness.  Some of my old fear foods were peanut butter, pancakes, poptarts and donuts (as yall have noticed in my insta posts, I eat most of these foods regularly now!).

When it comes to fear foods, I found it helpful to slowly start incorporating them rather then just bombarding myself with them.  For example, rather than just eating 2 tb of peanut butter I started slow and would eat 1/2 tb, then eventually 1tb up until I felt okay with eating 2tb or more peanut butter at once.  Same with poptarts,  I started out eating 1/4 of a poptart, then 1/2 then finally an entire package.

I also found it helpful to fit the fear foods into my macros.  I know that not everyone follows IIFYM and it is not helpful for everyone but I found it extremely helpful because it allowed me to incorporate a variety of foods into my diet without feeling guilty.  At the beginning of the day I would just put a poptart (or whatever fear food) into myfitnesspal so that way I would guarantee that it would fit into my macros.  That way I mentally felt okay with eating it because I knew that it fit my carb, fat, protein needs.

Fear foods are so mentally challenging and it took me YEARS to be comfortable with some of them so do not get discouraged.  Stay positive and challenge yourself with these foods.  while avoiding them may feel safe, it is only going to keep you in the same place mentally. In order to overcome and move forward, you must try them and create peace with them. You will not become fat, I promise, despite everything your mind tells you :).


For those of yall who see my #flexbowl posts on Instagram, you know that I eat ice cream almost every day now.  I am not magical, I do not have some super human body, you guys can all eat a pint a night too if you want!! The key is to just fit it into your macros and choose an icecream flavor that is fairly macro friendly.

I follow IIFYM and keep track of everything I eat in Myfitnesspal.  This way it is easy for me to save room for all of the carbs in a pint of icecream and build my other meals around that.  If you do not keep track of macros on an app you can still fit in the icecream! Just be conscious of how much exercise you did that day and how much carbs you have already consumed in your other meals.  If your other meals were heavy in carbs then you will not be able to eat as much ice cream but if your other meals were lower in carbs then you should have enough left to fit in that pint 🙂

Don’t go crazy though! The likelihood of you being able to fit in a pint of hagen daaz or ben and jerry’s into your life everyday is not super high (because they have like 300 calories per serving…still good to eat sometimes tho!) but there are definitely other macro friendly icecream options out there! I try to choose ice creams that are lower in sugar and that are around 100 calories per serving.  Think about it, that would only be 400 calories for an entire pint….aka the equivalent of a cupcake or giant cookie.  Recently my go to ice cream has been Harris Teeter brand no sugar added vanilla flavor.  It has 90 calories and 5g sugar per serving.

12356934_10154611715872195_5602150281077453926_o.jpg 12374907_10154611716097195_2887292944006285085_o

Another good brand (but slightly yes creamy and delicious as the above) is Breyer’s no sugar added vanilla. It has 80 calories and 4g sugar per serving (320 calories for a pint!)

12363205_10154611716327195_2544534898300743931_o.jpg  12371210_10154611716297195_6574758676987754372_o.jpg

So go ahead and conquer the fear foods and eat your body weight in ice cream!! As always, feel free to comment below or message me on IG with any questions or suggestions about future posts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fear Foods and Eating a Pint of Icecream per Night

  1. This is an awesome post! I have such a hard time with changing up my routine (a little Ed OCD) but I know that in recovery a lot of that is going out of your comfort zone with fear foods and change ect. I do follow IIFYM and think that it is very VERY heldpful to add in little things slowly! I think maybe a post about changing routine and facing OCD disordered habits would be so great to hear from someone who is recovered! Great post😘


  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you liked the post and thanks for the idea 🙂 Changing routine is def something I still struggle with and am learning to deal with more and more so I agree that would be something good to talk about


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