Keys to Success for 2016

Happy New Year guys!!  If you can’t tell from the title, I watch way too many of DJ Khaled’s snapchats about his “keys to success”.  Even though his are silly, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of some handy tips for you guys about how you can be your best, healthiest version of you this year! So here are Sarah’s Key’s to Success for 2016!!

  1. Make reasonable goals:  We have all been guilty of this.  Its a new year, time for a new you, right?? You wanna lose 20 lbs, run a marathon, buy a dog and become a fitness model this year right?? So the journey towards this goal begins and then ends in February when you have only lost 2 lbs, can’t run a mile and haven’t been contacted by a modeling agency.  KEEP IT REALISTIC YALL. Losing 20 lbs and running a marathon could be obtainable (over several months)  but you shouldn’t become discouraged when these things don’t happen immediately.  Any long term goal is going to take time to achieve, which is why it is important to make smaller goals along the way.  So start small, make a goal to get to the gym 3 times every week, or run a mile by the end of January, etc.
  2. Find intrinsic motivation for your goals:  Extrinsic motivation (i.e I wanna lose 10 lbs to fit into my wedding dress, I want to get abs, etc) might be what gets you to go to the gym, but intrinsic motivation is what is going to help you return and keep going to the gym all year. Some examples of intrinsic motivation are increased energy levels,  feeling healthier, positive body image, etc.
  3. Plan ahead:  We are all busy. We wake up, go to class/work, go home start watching tv and get lazy and then no longer want to go to the gym. STOP. REWIND. PLAN AHEAD.  Decide ahead of time what time you are going to go to the gym the next day, pack your gym bag, water bottle, snacks, etc beforehand so that you have no excuse not to follow through.   Sleep in your gym clothes if you have to!  If you already have your meals, snacks and gym stuff packed beforehand then you have gotten rid of half the work and can make it easier to get yourself there during your busy day 🙂
  4. Stay accountable:  developing a new exercise/fitness/nutrition regimen involves keeping track of what you are putting into your body and how much energy you are expending.  I find it super handy to use an app to keep track of all of this.  It’s easy to overlook or not think about the hidden calories you consume when you do not stay accountable and track them. Yeah, you might have had a salad for dinner but you may have conveniently forgot about the half bottle of ranch that you drowned it in.  Then you wonder why you gain weight despite eating salad for every meal….its because you have also ate 3 bottles of ranch this week!! That might be an extreme example but you get the point lol gotta keep it real and stop lying to yourself about what you are actually eating.
  5. Buy a water bottle: HYDRATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. Buy a water bottle and tote it around with you like it was your own child.   Hydration is key for proper body functioning and helps you stay full, have clear skin, etc.
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others:  we all do this, but if you think about it, what good does comparing yourself to others do?? You have one body, you will never be able to trade bodies with anyone else, so why don’t we compare our bodies to our own bodies instead?! Work on becoming a better you, rather than a wanna-be better version of the chick who lives down the street from you.  That girl down the street might have “the perfect body” but she might also have no friends, you don’t know her life!!  Work on the one body you got and work to improve yourself everyday for yourself!  Wake up, look in the mirror and say “hey, this chick in the mirror is stronger, smarter, and prettier than she was yesterday and tomorrow she will be even better!!”
  7. Take care of your body: Your body does awesome things for you everyday.  It works hard to let you walk around, eat food, breathe, walk upstairs, SURVIVE. So make sure to listen to your body and give it what it wants! Is your body hungry? Nourish it!! Is your body sore from that full-body workout from yesterday? Take a rest day!! Are you still drunk from the party last night? Rest and do not drag your drunk self to the gym! You get the idea, push yourself when you are feeling good, eat when your hungry, stop eating when you are full and rest so your muscles can recover 🙂 and if you fancy, go and get that weekly massage!! (in my dreams…wish I had money to blow like that)
  8. celebrate your successes: This is your year!! Celebrate every single step you take in the direction of improving yourself.  Even the little things are worth getting excited over.  Cheers to you for making a homemade meal! Cheers to you for waking up early for a run! Cheers to you for drinking water today instead of soda! The little things add up and celebrating them will raise your self esteem and make you feel invincible.
  9. eat food: Carbs, fats and proteins all serve a purpose in your body.  Gotta have carbs for energy production, fats for myelination and digestion of fat soluble vitamins, and proteins to repair tissue and build muscle.  Since each of these macronutrients is important, it is important that we eat them!! Do not be afraid of food.  Starving yourself, skipping breakfast, etc will only harm your body in the long run.  Yes, that is easier said than done but once you begin to see food as fuel for you body I promise you will be happier and have a more positive relationship with food.  With that said, too much macronutrients can also be bad…I mean you can’t eat 15 donuts a day and say “it’s okay because i’m fueling my body”…nah dude your just drowning your arteries in saturated fat. Gotta find a balance! Eat food that you like and eat foods that are nutrient dense 🙂
  10. try new activities:  not everyone loves running, or biking, or zumba, etc. Play around and find out what activities you enjoy and keep doing them! What is the point of forcing yourself to run everyday for exercise if you hate running? Yeah you will burn calories but you won’t have any fun doing it.  Maybe you just straight up hate the gym, that’s fine! Go hiking, go on a bike ride, do stuff in nature instead! Find what you like and become a BEAST at it!! 🙂

There you have it! The keys to success for 2016. Now go out and CONQUER THIS YEAR.


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