Staying on Track on Vacation

Hi guys! I don’t know about ya’ll but deviating from my routine has always been something that makes me anxious.  I have gotten better at dealing with it but I would be lying if I said it still doesn’t make me slightly uncomfortable. With that said, going on vacation and not being able to workout and eat the foods I usually do has been a huge mental battle for me the past couple years.  Fortunately, I have come up with some ways to overcome my anxiety about it and I wanted to share these tips with yall!

First of all, I think it is important to mentally prepare yourself.  Like I mentioned, deviating from my normal routine is uncomfortable for me so I like to reassure myself that it is okay to be less stringent on vacation with regards to diet and exercise.  BUTTTTTT BE CAREFUL! I think that many people also go to the other extreme and see vacation as an excuse to go on a “free for all, eat whatever you want and drown yourself in fried chicken” retreat for a week.  STOP. NO. DONT DO IT.   Because I have tried that too.  Here is a snip it of what my vacations used to look like….prior to vacation “crap…I won’t be able to work out…this automatically sabotages my health regime”. Day one of vacation… “I didn’t work out but that’s okay because I am going to eat nothing except carrots to make up for it!”….goes out to dinner with family and is starving because of only eating said carrots all day….orders a slice of cake…devours entire cake…”nooo I RUINED my entire trip now!! Welp guess this means I can eat everything in sight for the rest of the week since its already ruined”.   This is not how you should approach vacation!!! It is only gonna cause you more anxiety because you will feel unhappy with yourself.  My new approach is to follow a more intuitive style of eating while on vacation. I eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full and still try out yummy vacation treats without going overboard. This way I get to try out some yummy treats that I don’t normally get to eat but I still keep myself in check and listen to my body.

Do I work out on vacation? It depends.  It depends on if my hotel has a gym, if my relatives house has a running path near by, etc.  If my hotel does have a gym or I have access to outdoor running space then I do run on vacation but I keep it short because I don’t want it to cut into time that I could be spending doing fun vacation stuff! I will usually run for 15-25 min.  I never lift on vacation just because I usually don’t have access to proper equipment slash even if I did I doubt I would be motivated enough to spend an hour in the gym when I could be spending it tanning with my family on a beach.  Soooo long story short, if doing cardio will ease your mental anxiety about being on vacation then go for it! But if you don’t have access to a gym then don’t beat yourself up about it! Chances are you are probably gonna be doing a lot of walking anyways going on random vacation adventures 🙂 also if you are like me and never take rest days….then a 5 day vacation is the PERFECT excuse to force your body to get some well deserved rest!!

Do I diet and count macros on vacation? I loosely count macros but honestly it’s more of an after thought.  I’ll eat whatever I want and put it in myfitnesspal afterwards just out of curiosity rather than plan my meals ahead of time based on macros like I normally do.  I do still make fairly healthy choices (honestly I just naturally gravitate towards salads and sandwiches rather than fried chicken and stuff like that because I genuinely love sandwiches) but I def still eat dessert and treats on vacation too.  Gotta have balance! I promise that a slice of cheesecake in the Bahamas will not kill you 🙂

Sorry if this was a giant ramble but these are the thoughts that I have while on vacation.  Just remember that its okay to deviate from your normal routine, 10 days off will not kill your goals, and that the most important part of a trip is the people you spend it with and all the experiences you share 🙂


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