My Cellulor Protein Flavor Rankings!

Hi guys! As ya’ll may or may not know I am an affiliate for Cellucor 🙂 I have been a fan of their products for the last half a year or so and truly believe that they deliver high quality products.  I loveeee using their whey protein in my pancakes and baking creations and thought it would be helpful to make a review of each of their whey flavors! So here they are (in no particular order). Also, if you guys buy any Cellucor products using my code “eatandrepeat” send me a message on Instagram!! I will shout out to you with a picture on my page as a THANK YOU 🙂

  1. Molten Chocolate: This is one of my staple flavors that I always have on deck! It is super chocolatey (aka no need to add extra cocoa powder in recipes). I have used it to make brownies, chocolate muffins, cake, pancakes, etc. PERFECT for baking.
  2. Whipped Vanilla: Good basic flavor. Like all of Cellucor’s whey proteins, it has an AMAZING texture for baking and pancakes. So if you are more of a plain jane when it comes to pancakes, this makes AMAZINGLY FLUFFY basic buttermilk pancakes 🙂 It is also versatile and can be used for things like pumpkin muffins, and even chocolate flavored things if you add cocoa powder.
  3. Cookies’n’ Cream: NOMZ! has little oreo specs in it too! I really like this one and would choose it over vanilla because you can basically use it in any recipe that you would vanilla but you get the benefits of the oreo specs! and you can always dress it up with more cookies’n cream ingredients (i.e actual oreos, oreo poptarts, chocolate chips, etc). I love using this for oreo pancakes 🙂
  4. Cinnamon Swirl: This was the first flavor I ever tried and I have LOVED it ever since.  It has a great cinnamon flavor and is very versatile for different recipes! I love to use it to make apple cinnamon pancakes and muffins, cinnamon toast crunch pancakes, and banana cinnamon flavored treats.  It is easy to enhance the cinnamon flavor by adding ground cinnamon but you can also tone down this flavor which is also nice if you just want plain pancakes one day for example.  It is one of my staple whey flavors that I always on hand since it is so versatile. For example, I have also used this and mixed it with chocolate brownie mix (bc I ran out of chocolate whey) and it turned out fine!
  5. Red Velvet: delicious and pretty red color!! has a nice subtle red velvet taste. I love making red velvet pancakes, cupcakes and muffins with this one.  I’ve also made some awesome chocolate chip red velvet pancakes with them!
  6. Mint Chocolate Chip: So in general I’m not a huge fan of mint chocolate chip flavored things but this was good! Flavor was on point if you are into that but I honestly have only used this once in my life and that was to make protein fluff. Can’t think of many situations when I would bake with it but like I said, it does have a good flavor if you like chocolate mint!
  7. Smores: this one reminds me of the chocolate chip cookie dough whey but without the chocolate specs. So this one is good and I use it for similar recipes as the cookie dough one but I say just go for the chocolate specs!
  8. Strawberry Milkshake: tastes EXACTLY as the name implies! DELICIOUS creamy, fruit flavor. I normally choose chocolate treats over fruity treats any day but this flavor makes me think twice!! It is the perfect amount of fruity sweetness and makes INSANE strawberry shortcake pancakes.
  9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: OBSESSED with this one!! Literally tastes straight up like cookie dough.  I love making pancakes and bars with this. And it has little chocolate specs in it which is nice 🙂  I am going to continue stocking up on this one regularly because chocolate chip protein pancakes are now a staple ever since buying this flavor.
  10. Corfetti:  Yummy! Honestly not a super potent cake batter flavor but the little sprinkles make me happy lol. I feel like I would buy this instead of vanilla because you could still use it in plain recipes or you could play up the corfetti flavor by adding sprinkles, funfettti cake mix, bday cake potarts etc. I have make some DANK bday cake waffles with this mix and some sprinkle muffins 🙂

If I could only choose 3 to have in my pantry…..I think I would choose cinnamon, chocolate and cookie dough (oreo was a close choice too!!). Gah deciding is so damn hard.



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