The Lion’s Choice Flavor Reviews!

Hi guys! For those of you who do not know, I have recently become part of The Lion’s Choice family!! I becAme familiar with the company a few months ago, ordered a jar of their brownie batter peanut butter and INSTANTLY fell in love. Seriously ALL of their flavors are amazing and they are the perfect consistency for drizzling on top of things!! Since there are a BAJILLION flavors, I decided to make this post to help you guys decide which ones to try first :). But trust me, no matter what you choose, it will be delicious because THEY ARE ALL SO INCREDIBLE. And don’t forget that you guys can you my code (eatandrepeat) to get 10% off!!! The Lion’s Choice Website

HIGH PROTEIN PEANUT BUTTERS (in no particular order)

  1. Maple Donut:  Sweet but in a brown sugar type of way! If you want a lighter sweetness choose bday cake, if you want a more molasses, syrup, honey-ish sweetness then choose this one. Super yummy!!
  2. Birthday cake: Super sweet and vanilla-y! Sweeter than the toffee one. Tastes like straight up vanilla cake blended into a dip.  Delicious if you have a sweet tooth!
  3. Toffee’n Cream: Nomz! subtly sweet (kind of honey-ish).  Less intense than some of the other flavors…so if you are the type of person who tends to pick vanilla things in their life…you would like this lol. I would say that this sweetness is in between the bday cake and maple donut. I put these three in the”vanilla” category and the other 3 in the “chocolate” family in my mind.
  4. Choco-mallow cream: Tastes like hazelnut and cocoa had a baby. It is chocolately but not a super dark, rich chocolate.
  5. Oreo cookie shake: Rich chocolate flavor. I get more of the chocolate vibe from this than the choco-mallow cream one. Both are good but if you want something that screams chocolate choose this one.
  6. Red velvet cake: Good!!! In general I think it is hard to capture a red velvet flavor (like wtf is red velvet…isn’t it just dyed chocolate cake…? idk). but anyways this is good! Not an intense chocolate flavor (even though I mentally put it in the chocolate family category).  Sugary yet rich if that makes any sense….
  7. Brownie Batter: working from memory because I don’t actually have this one with me right now but it was the first flavor I ever tried I LOVED IT. I remember it tasted like chocolate and pb had a baby together.
  8. French Toast: THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!! HANDS DOWN. Tastes like someone put cinnamon toast crunch, maple syrup and French toast in a blender and made a spread with it. HEAVEN.

French toast is my favorite!! But if we ignore that one here is my order from LEAST to MOST favorite. I would say Toffee, maple then bday cake for the “vanilla family” and red velvet, choco-mallow cream, cookie shake then brownie batter for the “chocolate family”.  They are all super nomz though so you can’t go wrong 🙂


1. Samoa: Chocolate flavor with coconut shreds and mini chocolate chips in it!! Very yummy and less sweet than the sugar cookie one.

2. Sugar Cookie: Super sweet!! Tastes just like a sugar cookie.  If you do not have a big sweet tooth it may be a bit intense for you but I loved it :). Also this one does not have chunks in it.

3. Maple Macadamia: FAVE RIGHT NOW! perfect amount of sweetness. Maple, nutty sweetness.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough: not as sweet as maple macadamia or sugar cookie but still good! it does have chocolate chips in it and the texture is a big softer than the sugar cookie and maple one.

5. Peanut butter kiss: similar sweetness level and texture to chocolate chip cookie dough one. hint of pb and has chocolate chips in it 🙂

my favorite is maple macadamia, then samoa, then chocolate chip cookie dough, then sugar cookie then peanut butter kiss. They are all good tho!



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