Poptart Stuffed Protein Pancakes

Hi guys! So this recipe uses more egg whites and less pancake mix than my usual recipe because I was saving the carbs for the poptart. So these are less dense than my usual pancakes but stuffing them with poptarts makes up for it 🙂 If you do have the carbs to spare, I would maybe cutback on the egg white and increase the pancake mix (aka use one egg white, one serving pancake mix and one serving whey).


  • 3/4 serving (39g) hungry jack pancake mix (any pancake mix should be okay)
  • 1 scoop Cellucor molten chocolate way protein
  • 1 ts baking soda
  • 92g egg whites
  • water until consistency (about 1-2 tb)
  • 1 oreo poptart


  • Mix all dry ingredients together. Add egg whites. Slowly mix in water until desired consistency.  Break poptart into pieces. I used half of the poptart in the mix and other half on top.  Pour pancake mix onto pancake griddle. Place a chunk of oreo on each poptart and cover with a little bit of pancake batter. Flip pancake over and continue cooking until done. Enjoy!




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