Summer Fitness Goals!

Hi guys! Don’t know if you guys remember but about 2 months ago I started a mini cut which lasted like 3 weeks-ish.  People have been asking if I was still cutting so I wanted to let you guys know that I finished a few weeks ago! I didn’t really have a goal weight in mind and the reason I went on a mini cut was because I felt like I had lost some definition in my arms and abs so I just wanted to get that back.  And I think I succeeded 🙂  During the cut I used myfitnesspal to keep track of everything. I was eating around 1600-1800 calories a day (normally I eat 1900-2200) and I switched from 45% carbs to 40% carbs (I decided to continue this even now to try to decrease water retention since higher carbs=more water retention). I also increased the volume of my workouts.  I am continuing to do that now as well.  Essentially, I have incorporated more of a mixture of high rep/low weight and low rep/high weight into my workouts to train both muscular strength and endurance. before hand I mainly focused on strength and was doing low rep/high weight. I have started doing more super sets and pyramid workouts.

Also, after I decided to end my cut I slowly eased back up to my maintenance macros to avoid shocking my body. This also made it easier for me mentally because idk about you guys but after seeing 1600 on myfitnesspal for 3 weeks, it was a big of mental shock to be okay with seeing 2000 pop back up on the calorie count! When I was on the mini cut I had the app set to “lose 1 lb per week”. The week after the cut I changed the app to “lose 0.5 lb per week”. Then I put it back to maintenance macros afterwards.

I lost about 1.5ish pounds which may not seem like a lot but my body fat percentage is already pretty low so losing weight wasn’t my top goal.  Now back to my summer goals! At first my goal was to just be in the best shape of my life (which is still a goal but I mean…that’s super vague…), so I am now going to make a goal to squat 145lb and to leg press 300lb! Currently my PR for those is 135 squat and 270 leg press. I do want to try to switch up my workouts more in general and I want to get better about logging my workouts….I never keep track of anything! Squats and leg press are like the only exercises I know for fact what weights I use. The other ones I just go and do what feels heavy that day…NOT IDEAL. I mean I know in general what I usually do but for some things…like back rows…I have no freaking clue lol


  • 300lb leg press
  • 145 lb squats
  • get into the best shape of my life
  • get abs
  • be a bad ass
  • kill it in the gym every day

2 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Goals!

    1. I would try training abs 2-3x a week doing high rep (20-30) of exercises such as toe touches, bicycles, etc. Honestly I just google youtube videos for ab workouts bc I am more disciplined when I follow a video bc I hate training abs lol p90x has one called ab ripper that I like 🙂


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