Summer Body Confidence

Summer is my favorite season!! I love the heat and going to the pool and tanning, spending time with friends outdoors etc.  One thing I hate hearing as summer time approaches is people (particularly females) saying “I’m not swimsuit ready” or “I don’t want to go to the pool and tan because I don’t like what I look like in a swimsuit”.  EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ENJOY THE POOL!! It makes me so sad when people get anxiety over the pool and the beach and what they look like in a swimsuit.  So this post is dedicated to gaining summer body confidence!

Now I know what many of you might be thinking right now….”Sarah, you are thin and in shape and therefore don’t have to worry about summer body confidence”. FALSE. Confidence has NOTHING to do with outer appearance.  Okay maybe partially, but I promise it’s not the main thing.  People of all shapes and sizes have confidence issues. Heck, some tiny 100 lb girl may be the envy of one person but that same girl may be dreading putting on a swimsuit because she feels too “skeletal”.  In high school I was skinny AF and people constantly commented about how tiny I was, yet I only liked my body if I woke up with a flat stomach that day….what type of logic is that?? I would constantly just stare at other girls in bikinis and compare my stomach flatness to theirs…yeah, no don’t do that. Save yourself the mental sanity. So step 1 to body confidence is to stop comparing yourself to others! So what if someone else is curvier, skinnier, tanner, fitter than you. They aren’t you and you will never be them. So instead, save your energy and compare yourself to yourself and spend time becoming the best version of yourself.  This leads me to step 2 of gaining body confidence…learn to love yourself.  It sounds silly and cliché but self-love is harder to achieve than one may think.  I found that the best way to learn to love yourself is to take care of yourself and frame your thoughts in terms of what your body can do for you rather than what it looks like.  “Today my body was strong enough to walk 20 minutes to class”. “Today my body let me get a good nights sleep”. “Today my body helped me carry groceries and run around with my dog at the park”. These are examples of positive ways to think about what your body does for you on a daily basis. I know many of you are probably thinking “Sarah what does any of that have to do with me being comfortable tanning in a swimsuit at the pool??”. Well once you stop focusing on what your body looks like and focus on all of the other awesome things your body does for you then it will be easier to build your confidence and put on that swimsuit :).  My final step to gaining body confidence is to surround yourself with positive people.  I remember in high school when all me and my friends do was talk about all the things we hated about ourselves and how we were going to go on crazy diets, etc to achieve the perfect body….yeah that was a healthy environment…JOKES. Surround yourself with people who want to lift you up instead of people who want to see you fail or people who judge other people’s appearances.  No one needs that negativity in their life.  So in summary, stop the body comparisons, be the best version of you that you can be, focus on your internal strength and surround yourself with good people. Sounds like a pretty flawless guide to CONFIDENCE right there.



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