8:30am fasted cardio (20 min run outside)

9:30am Breakfast (63C/46P/6F 3g fiber 525 cals)

Red Velvet Protein pancakes (1 scoop Cellucor red velvet whey, 46g liquid egg whites, 40g pancake mix)

  • toppings= 1/2 cup greek yogurt mixed with sf ff pudding mix, 1/3 of a red velvet poptart (that’s all I had left…struggles), 1 mini powdered donut, sugar free pancake syrup)

11:15 am Biceps/Triceps at the gym (drank Cellucor c4 Preworkout before)

  • 4×8 overhead tricep rope extensions (superset with normal rope tricep extensions 4×8)
  • bicep curls on cable machine 4×6 (I used a bar and set the cable height to face level and curled towards my face)
  • overhead bicep curls on cable machine 4×12 (I stood in between the two poles of the cable machine and simultaneously curled each arm)
  • tricep pushdowns on cable machine 3×10
  • reverse grip tricep extensions on cable machine 3×10 (same exercise as above, just flip your grip)
  • single arm tricep extensions on cable machine 4×12
  • single arm overhead tricep extensions on cable machine 3×8
  • bicep curls on incline bench 3×8
  • hammer curls 3×8
  • dumbbell bicep curls 3×8

2pm Lunch (526 calories 55C/52P/13F 6g fiber)

  • Salad= 4oz boiled chicken, 1 Wilde Snacks turkey protein bar, walden farms zero calorie dressing
  • Cereal bowl= chocolate cinnamon toast crunch, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 scoop Cellucor molten chocolate whey protein, 1 serving Breyers NSA ice cream. 13690707_10155138883312195_1217629914540324550_n

4-8pm Work (my phone said I walked 4.6 miles at work)

8:30pm Dessert Bowl (1,021 calories 125C/51P/42F 16g fiber)

  • 1 cup greek yogurt mixed with 8g sf ff cheesecake pudding mix
  • 3/4 of a Tastykake brand cinnamon roll
  • 2/3 serving of mini golden oreos
  • walden farms caramel sauce
  • 2 tb YouFreshNaturals brand blueberry muscle frosting
  • 3 tb The Lions Choice brand Samoa protein Cookie dough
  • 3 servings Blue Bunny nsa vanilla ice cream13732065_10155138881217195_5967414367232905238_o.jpg

MACRO TOTALS: 243C/148P/61F  25g fiber 2,072 calories


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