Review of the new Lions Choice cookie doughs!!!

Alright guys so The Lion’s Choice came out with not one, not two but THREE new cookie dough flavors! I have been a HUGE fan of their doughs and was sooooo excited to hear about these new ones. Got my hands on them ASAP and they did not disappoint!! Don’t forget to use my code “eatandrepeat” for 10% off if you want to try them out! 🙂

Monster Cookie Flavor

Upon opening the container for this one you can already see the GIANT M&M chunks hiding in there.  If you want chunks, THIS is the top choice. It has chunks of both M&Ms and chocolate chips.  The dough itself has a slight peanutbuttery taste which is delicious 🙂 I give this one a 10/10.  PERFECTION. In my opinion this is the dough out of all their flavors that tastes the most like legit cookie dough.14444758_10155341908337195_8691966346713726066_o

Pumpkin Chip Cookie

YES it tastes like pumpkin. Flavor on point.  This dough is slightly more sticky than the Monster cookie one (more reminiscent of the consistency of their Samoa dough) but that’s not a bad thing! The flavor is a mixture of cinnamon and pumpkin spice and the dough has chocolate chips in it! YUM. Also giving this one a 10/10.


Oree-Dough Cookie dough (aka cookies n cream)

Guys this one has legit oreo cookie and cream chunks! Another good option if you are a fan of chunks.  The flavor of the dough tastes like the oreo cream was mixed right into it.  NOMZ. Nice combination of both chocolate and crème flavors was providing optimal chunks. 10/10




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