Enlightened Ice Cream Review

Alrighty guys, so the good people at Enlightened sent me all 7 of their pints so here is  a review of all the flavors!! I will tell you right now that they are ALL AMAZING!!! For those of you who are familiar with Arctic Zero and Halo Top, these are more similar to Halo Top. Each of these pints is 80-100 calories per serving (so 320 to 400 calories per pint) and they each have around 7g protein per serving and 5g fiber (sooo entire pint has around 28g protein and 20g fiber!). In no particular order here are the reviews.

Mint Chocolate Chip14958151_10155487492097195_469339013_o.jpg 90 cals 16C/7P/3F 5g fiber

I’m honestly not the biggest mint chocolate chip fan in general but this was a good pint! If mint chocolate chip is your thing, you will def enjoy this 🙂 it was executed perfectly. Lots of chocolate shaving chunks and a perfect mint flavor that wasn’t overpowering. 8/10




Peanut butter chocolate chip 100 cals 16C/8P/4.5F 5g fiber

SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!! I think this might be my favorite one. If you have ever had peanut butter mousse pie, that is EXACTLY what this pint tastes like.  It was the creamiest, thickest, smoothest of all the pints. Melted in my mouth and was silky smooth with the perfect peanut butter flavor. And there was little chocolate chip shavings in it 🙂 10/10. If you were to only buy one of these, THIS ONE.15007845_10155487492187195_1262206632_o.jpg









Triple Chocolate 90 cals 18C/7P/2.5F 5g fiber

DECADENCE. straight chocolate decadence. Has ribbons of hot fudge, chocolate ice cream and mini chocolate shavings. In comparison to the hot cocoa pint, this one is richer and more of a dark chocolate flavor. Nice smooth, thick texture. 9/10. 15007641_10155487492457195_765878681_o.jpg

Sea Salt Caramel 80 calories 17C/7P/1.5F 5g fiber

So smooth and creamy!! Ribbons of legit caramel throughout the pint 🙂  Caramel taste is very present and on point! No complaints. If you are a caramel fan you will enjoy it. 8/10.



Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch15034025_10155487492072195_2117554758_o.jpg 100 cals 18C/7P/3F 5g fiber

Thick, creamy, ribbons of caramel and nice crispy oatmeal cookie chunks. So basically it contained everything it said it would and it was executed nearly perfectly. I got a slight aftertaste but it wouldn’t a deal breaker. Still delicious! 7.5/10.





Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 100 cals 18C/7P/3F 5g fiber

Least flavorful out of all the pints but still delicious! Creamy, thick texture with mini chocolate shavings and some small dough chunks. The dough chunks were DELICIOUS but not very large :/. The ice cream base itself was less flavorful than other pints but overall it wasn’t bad! 7/10










Frozen Hot Cocoa 90 calories 18C/7P/2.5F 5g fiber

Another good pint with perfect texture. More of a milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate flavor and had chocolate shavings and some marshmallow fluff hiding inside which added good flavor. Very creamy. 8/10



2 thoughts on “Enlightened Ice Cream Review

  1. Thank you for reviewing all the flavors! As I mentioned to you on IG, I’m partial to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, and Hot Cocoa flavors. I 100% agree with your ratings 🙂


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